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About Zerowait

From its beginnings as a developer of software programs for high availability inventory applications, Zerowait continues to focus on the backbone of today's high availability networks--infrastructure maintenance and technical support. This breadth of experience has given Zerowait the knowledge and customer focus it needs to service our world-wide customer base.

As our early international assignments led to increased usage of the Internet for the transmission of inventory data and status reports, referrals led us to begin working with deploying large numbers of servers on the web as Web Servers. These deployments led us into the specialty area of high availability computing and load-balanced disaster prevention solutions. By 1999, our sales were about 10% of the sales of a major player in the switch-based, load-balancing arena, Arrowpoint, for whom we were an OEM. Upon Arrowpoint's purchase by Cisco for several billion dollars, the existing OEM Agreements with Zerowait were abrogated, forcing Zerowait to adapt and to concentrate on other areas of our business including computer storage and backup.

Over the last few years there has been a resurgence in interest in load balancing for high availability architectures. Companies like Barracuda Networks have brought out new products that are redefining the parameters and price points of the content delivery marketplace.

Mike Linett and Zerowait have prospered through turbulent times in the networking and storage business because we listen to our customers and we provide excellent service at reasonable prices. If you are looking for a responsive company that will put your requirements first, please contact us by calling 888.811.0808.

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